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Love the plane engine for imperialdramon. This is actually Canon because in Digimon children's war game you can see the zero two kids. Wait so when they merge that transition actually is seen by everyone then why don't they immediately get blasted during the transition sequence I mean if it was just a way to showcase how cool they are I would get bit that actually happens it's on the fucking tv everyone sees it just shoot them and call it a day.


Epic scene. This is why I don't understand Tri at all, why is everyone afraid? This movie and the previous and both seasons have already established the General public know that digimon exist and have saved the day multiple times. V-mon, Shinka! XV-mon. Forget omegamon, imperialdramon is the King. The music and the battle scenes tho. It kinda angered me how Armagemon was pretty broken on this OVA, and while I was glad to see Imoerialdramon Paladin Mode, I found it so very absurd to see how anti-climatic was the result of this fight. I'm so upset with the writers at Toei. Why can't they improve the storytelling on their films and quit their main-star-related strategies. Oh, well...

And like every other movie Sora did nothing to help other than make Tai and Matt have more bad blood.

Watch full length digimon adobenchâ 02 - diaboromon no gyakushû

To this day, I will want to know what the chest laser is. And no, it's not the Giga Crusher. EPIC 4 Seconds 0:27. 0010110 `0110100`tmg`0010110. I wonder why he never used Giga Death before... Imperialdramon gets the omega sword and become the founder of royal knight. Top of awesomness. It's me or this is the moment were Taichi change his attitude and become doubtful. I hope to see paladin mode in the last movie of adventure tri. 3 slice in face.

No, Giga Death is when Imperialdramon connects his cannon to the Dragon Mode head. This is a different attack.



Watch Full Length Dejimon adobenchâ 02 - Diaboromon no gyakushû For Free Adventure genres Japan youtube
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