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The remake is for the young crowd to understand, And it was great. Don't hate. Sept.1st: Happy birthday Actor-Director-Screenwriter Ron O'Neal (1937-2004) Drama Desk Award: Outstanding Performance, Obie Award. wrote and directed Superfly T.N.T. Thank you and God bless. RIP. thanks for the upload, Moviecclips Trailer Vault. Blessings. Denzel Washington best actor. Hands down. Superfly movie 2019. Superfly bonsai. Superfly showtimes. Bu adamın bütün filmleri 10 numara 🇹🇷.

Where did this HOT black man come from that sounds white. Very entertaining. after reading some of the reviews, I thought it wasnt going to be a good movie but its a SOLID 7. Super fly the movie. Didndonuffin patrol. Superfly dmc. Superfly 6. The whole pigeon thing just ruined the movie for me, that was so uncessesary. Will smith to voice a pigeon? Yea not interested. I thought that was Soulja boy tbh. Superfly. Superfly cast 2018. I already had a feeling this wouldnt be an ordinary spy movie. I thought it is was a good movie. No, it wasn't perfect but it wasn't as bad as everyone is trying to make it seem. The one actress NOT mentioned in this documentary is Polly Niles, she played Priest's side chick she is here on YouTube as Polly Arosemena. She was a singer for a few yrs. Someone asked her about her part in Super Fly. she said yes she is the one who play Cynthia and it wasn't a shinning moment for her. I wonder if she realized she was playing a part opposite a very fine actor Ron O'Neal and the movie is today a CLASSIC. She only had 2 forgettable scenes IMO.

Was waiting all my life for this. My man. This action flick is better then 90 percent of the releases not from disney this year. Worth watching, great soundtrack. NICE MEETING YOU. I was born in 64,i grew up in the 70's and i'll tell anyone that would listen. if i had a decade in which i'd have to live in it would be the 70's,we didn't have alot but we had respect,togetherness,the swaggish brotha's you'd ever see,the sista's were fine as hell and respected with their sagging beautiful tities and i was at my happiness as i look back,yes it was a great time for me,the music,fashsion damn i loved it. I can't wait to see any Denzel's movies.

Jason Mitchell. U aint that fine to be talkin like that. And you are 5 ft 4. This movie was dope & the remake will be dope too. If u never hustled then u can't relate to the dope game. The Superfly culture in the blk community was back then, now & in the future to come. PBL/MOB. Man On Fire III: This 's personal. er.


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Meanwhile in the office. guy 1: Okay so we have a spy. everyone agrees. guy 1: Super bad ass! everyone agrees guy 1: and then turn it into a pigeon! everyone still agrees.
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Cant believe Lance sterling came out of the shadows and will reveal his god like powers to the world. P.S. Will Smith is lance sterling in disguise. New Age Norris \m.





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