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Dream date watch free streaming. Dream date watch free full. Dream date watch free download. Dream date watch free tv. Valentine’s Day is upon us once more! While I love the idea of love, I must admit that I’m not the most fond of this particular celebratory holiday. However, I like gushing over other people’s adorable relationships. Over the past week, I asked several people (both single and in a relationship) what their dream Valentine’s Day would be. So whether you’re waiting for Cupid to work his magic or have a significant other, allow me to share with you the ideal dates others dream about. Photo via Her Campus at York U “Lots of heart-shaped pizza! ” A Valentine’s Day classic! Having a dinner out (or in) together is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Besides who doesn’t like pizza? A nice little visit to an Italian restaurant would be perfect if you and your S. O. are feeling fancy. Making your own is also a great idea! “A nature walk with conversations in between. I’m not the most romantic, so the bonding time together will make it special. ” An outdoor adventure would be a lovely date, especially for nature lovers. A walk in the park or a day trip outside of the city can be a refreshing retreat. Take it as a time to recharge and breathe in the fresh air as you connect with each other amidst the beauty of nature. Photo by Takahiro Sakamoto “Aside from dinner, a fun activity like a drive-in movie theater or playing pool. ” What an exciting date! If you’re an outgoing person or you’ve been in a relationship for a while and want to do something different together with your S. O., these can make for a fun time together! Bowling, ice skating or going to the arcade are some other activities to do together. These ideas would work great for double dates too! Photo by Tucker Good “A home cooked meal and some Netflix. Maybe a little cuddling. ” Not everyone has the time to go out or wants to compete with the other couples out for Valentine’s Day. Not to worry! It’s still very possible to pull off a memorable Valentine’s Day while indoors. Cooking your a meal together is just as fun as going out! After dinner, enjoy a movie or TV show on Netflix. The coziest date, all in the comfort of your own home. “If it wasn’t winter, 40 pieces chicken nuggets, my guitar and a picnic at the park with the wife and our dog Milo. ” Can everyone say AWWWW! This seems like the sweetest date ever! A picnic at the park is definitely a cute date idea once summer comes back around. Photo by Heather Ford “To have a Valentine? For now, I’ll stick to my galentines! ” Who says you need an S. to celebrate love? Get together with some of your closest friends and celebrate together! You can exchange Valentine’s themed gifts, eat sweets and just have fun! No matter what your plans are for Valentine’s Day, celebrate and cherish the time with your loved ones. The time you spend together is more important, no matter how you choose to spend the day. Appreciate them all year long. If you’re single, don’t be sad about your relationship status. You’re time for love will come. For now, I’ll be waiting for that day after Valentine’s when chocolates are half off! Happy Valentine’s Day! Gif via Giphy

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