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May 04, 2016 TREZOROS The Lost Jews of Kastoria One Story Speaks for Many This deeply moving documentary illuminates the lives of a Sephardic community in Greece whose st. TREZOROS - Town Life (Clip. Trezoros: The Lost Jews of Kastoria (2016. Rotten Tomatoes. "Trezoros" Ladino/Judeo Spanish term of endearment meaning "Treasures" is a highly emotional story told by its survivors, with interviews filmed on location in Kastoria, Thessaloniki, Athens. "We realize that each and every one of us has a duty to remember and to encourage future generations to say NO to racism, say a big NO to fascism, say a big NO to war and to say a big yes to peace and to coexistence. Philippos Petsalnikos, 1996, Former Speaker of Greek Parliament at the dedication of a monument to remember the Jews of Kastoria who lost their lives in the death camps.
A brilliant film, Trezoros: The Lost Jews of Kastoria tells the story of a community decimated at the time of war. At the center of this story, much like the geography of the Jewish quarter of Kastoria, Greece itself, is the harrowing plight and unlikely reunion of a brother and sister who found one another upon liberation from Nazi Germany. Woven into this narrative is the impact felt by the Christian friends and neighbors of the Jewish Kastorialis who lost their lives when they were deported to death camps. Through their personal accounts, we learn of the strong ties and emotional bonds that connected these friends and neighbors. The message of this film is timeless and critical for understanding the depths of the human condition. This film reminds us of the fragility of what we take for granted when racism and bigotry prevail and fascists falsely lure the desperate masses into believing in an inhumane "solution." Trezoros moves quickly through space and time, carrying the viewers through a turbulent history with periodic intervals with the celebration of what the free can take for granted.


Trezoros. Trezoros: The Lost Jews of Kastoria, KCET. A gorgeous film that tells the story of a little known Greek community before during and after WW2.


Trezoros is a beautifully made documentary that leads the viewer on a journey of discovery about a little-known piece of history. Trezoros: The Lost Jews of Kastoria Watch Preview Using never before seen archival footage and first-person testimonies, “Trezoros” chronicles the compelling and little-known history of Greece's 2200 year old Jewish culture.