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Pinewood: 80 Years of Movie Magic
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Pinewood: 80 Years of Movie Magic




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Pinewood: 80 years of movie magic download. Pinewood: 80 Years of Movie magic casino. Pinewood: 80 years of movie magic book. Pinewood: 80 years of movie magic season. Pinewood: 80 Years of Movie magic kingdom. Pinewood: 80 Years Of Movie Magic (BBC2) Rating: Julie Walters In Conversation (BBC4) Rating: Every movie fan has been caught out at least once by Second DVD Syndrome, where you’re tricked into paying twice the price for a film because it comes with a disc of ‘exclusive extras’. They always turn out to be a pile of old codswallop. There’s usually a 20-minute featurette called ‘The Making Of... ’ that consists of an interview with the costumes lady and the bloke who did the lighting. And you can generally watch the entire film with a running commentary from the director, making the dialogue inaudible and boring you to death at the same time. If the producers are feeling generous, they’ll throw in cinema trailers from the movie’s release in Japan, Brazil and Finland. All in all, it’s guaranteed to put you off ever watching the film again. Pinewood: 80 Years Of Movie Magic could have been a dazzling whirl through the history of Britain’s greatest film studios. Instead, we got Jonathan Ross playing the tourist (pictured with Barbara Windsor) Pinewood: 80 Years Of Movie Magic (BBC2) was the TV equivalent of a second DVD. It could have been a dazzling whirl through the history of Britain’s greatest film studios. Instead, we got Jonathan Ross playing the tourist at a tatty theme park. Major franchises such as the Bond movies, the Star Wars series and the Carry Ons were made at Pinewood — but it’s also where individual masterpieces were partly or fully made, such as George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, Funeral In Berlin with Michael Caine, and the Stanley Kubrick classic Full Metal Jacket. Pinewood is where Britain’s first woman film producer, Betty Box, took on an all-male industry with a stream of hits including A Tale Of Two Cities starring Dirk Bogarde. But Betty got no more than a glancing mention, in a ten-second segment on her Doctor movies. Instead, Jonathan amused himself by playing stuntman. He was a timid stuntman, to be sure: while the crew were demonstrating how to escape from a submerged car, he was bobbing about on the surface of the water tank in a rubber dinghy. DIZZY SPELL OF THE WEEKEND  When teacher Teresa learned her lesbian lover was dead, in Home Fires (ITV), she fainted in the street. Passing out like that used to be such a ladylike response to a crisis. These days, if you see a woman collapsed on the pavement, she’s probably been binge-drinking. He did help to haul one actress out of the pool, but he seemed less concerned about her safety than the way her wet silk clothes were clinging. ‘Ooh, that dress, ’ he burbled. ‘Not sure where to put my hands. ’ Jonathan was more hands-on when he learned how to roll a car, with the former Stig, Ben Collins, strapped into the passenger seat. The results were not spectacular: you’ve probably seen more dramatic crashes at T-junctions. He invited Joan Collins to show him round the studios, and it turned out that she hadn’t been there for 50 years. Joannie is strictly Hollywood, darling. His biggest revelations were that the new 007 movie, Spectre, might involve a meteor (unless producer Michael Wilson was just pulling Ross’s leg) and that Jedi underwater breathing devices were props made from sparkplugs. Jonathan invited Joan Collins to show him round the studios, and it turned out that she hadn’t been there for 50 years. Joannie is strictly Hollywood, darling We didn’t learn much from Julie Walters In Conversation (BBC4) either. Her interviewer, Richard E. Grant, was far more interested in himself. Before a stage audience at the British Film Institute on London’s South Bank, Richard announced he had done his research by looking at Wikipedia and clips on YouTube. Then he attempted the world record for dropping the greatest number of obscure cinema names into his opening question, while Julie sat there looking increasingly baffled. Miss Walters — and goodness knows why she isn’t Dame Julie — is an exceptional actress.  We didn’t learn much from Julie Walters In Conversation (BBC4) either. Grant, was far more interested in himself But we heard next to nothing about her, because Richard was so busy talking about himself: how he tried, for instance, to return his fee for his first big film, Withnail And I, because he was dissatisfied with his performance. Or so he said. Richard is a master of backing into the limelight. He couldn’t believe he was sharing a stage with such a huge star, he insisted over and over: Julie managed to look flattered the first time, and progressively more miffed after that. When he started going on about Meryl Streep, I thought Julie would throw her jug of water over him. I wish she had.

Pinewood: 80 years of movie magic movie. Pinewood 3a 80 years of movie magic error. Pinewood: 80 Years of Movie magic. Teddington Studios Teddington Studios Location within Greater London General information Status Demolished Type Television studios Location Broom Road, Teddington, Greater London, United Kingdom Address Broom Road, Teddington, Greater London, United Kingdom Country England Coordinates 51°25′43″N 0°19′18″W  /  51. 4287°N 0. 3217°W Coordinates: 51°25′43″N 0°19′18″W  /  51. 3217°W Completed 1910s Cost £2. 7m (2005) Client ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky Owner Pinewood Group (final leaseholder) Website Official website Teddington Studios was a large British television studio in Teddington, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, providing studio facilities for programmes airing on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky1 and others. The complex also provided studio space for channel continuity. The site was run by the Pinewood Studios Group. Pinewood Group's lease on Teddington Studios expired in 2014. The studios are being demolished to be turned into housing, with programmes made there having moved to other facilities. [1] The studio buildings will be replaced by three modern apartment blocks and other smaller houses, with the view towards the river from Broom Road opened up. History [ edit] The studio began in the early 20th century as film studios when stockbroker Henry Chinnery, owner of Weir House, Teddington, allowed filmmakers to use his greenhouse as a studio. Dedicated studio facilities were then built in the 1910s. The studio was greatly expanded by a partnership of filmmaker E. G. Norman and actor Henry Edwards, and renamed Teddington Film Studios Limited in 1931. After only one production, Stranglehold (1931), the studio was acquired by Warner Brothers to turn out so-called " quota quickies " – British-made films which fulfilled a legal quota (created by the Cinematograph Films Act 1927) before American-made films could be shown. Warner Bros. -First National continued to make US/UK coproductions at Teddington until The Dark Tower (1943). One Teddington Studios production Murder at Monte Carlo (1934) with Errol Flynn in his first major film role, is considered a lost film. The studio was seriously damaged in a V-2 attack in July 1944, in which Jack L. Warner 's studio manager, and family member, Doc Salomon was killed while recording the attack. By the 1950s the studio's fortunes had declined, but in 1958 it was bought by Associated British Corporation (ABC) for use as a television studio. When ABC was replaced by Thames Television (in which ABC's parent company had a 51% stake), Teddington Studios became the main production centre for Thames's entertainment programming (e. g. gameshows, children's programmes, dramas and comedy), while documentary shows, news and sports programming were made at Thames's Euston Road headquarters. After Thames lost its ITV franchise to Carlton Television, which took over in 1993, the studio became independent. Without a major broadcaster or studio group owning the studios, their future was questioned (as Carlton was going to commission most of its entertainment programming from independent producers), but it survived and stayed independent for 13 years, when in 2005, the Pinewood Studios Group bought the complex for £2. 7m. [2] Teddington was also the home of British TV Casino show Smart Live Casino until they moved to Picadilly Studios. The media company Haymarket owned the Teddington Studios site from 2004 and occupied some of it from 2006. Part of the site was leased to Pinewood until 2014. Haymarket announced in June 2013 that it planned to redevelop the site into homes, meaning the end of Teddington Studios. [3] In February 2016 it was reported that the site was being demolished to make way for a 213-flat development, the land having been sold to Singaporean firm City Developers for a reputed £80 million. [4] TV studios and facilities [ edit] The site consisted of 8 studios in total, as well as post production editing facilities. Studio 1 [ edit] Studio 1 was Teddington's largest studio at nearly 8, 900 square feet (827 m 2). It was a fully digital widescreen studio, with audience seating for 500, making it popular for programmes such as Harry Hill's TV Burp for ITV and sitcoms The Green Green Grass, After You've Gone, My Family, My Hero, Reggie Perrin and Not Going Out (all for BBC One). Other notable productions made in Studio 1 included Men Behaving Badly (ITV and BBC), Pop Idol (ITV), Birds of a Feather (BBC and ITV), one series of Parkinson and Black Books (Channel 4). [5] Historically, many classic series were recorded in Studio 1. These include all of Tommy Cooper 's shows produced by Thames Television (1973-1980), The Benny Hill Show, Bless This House, George and Mildred, Man About the House and long-running light entertainment series such as This is Your Life and Opportunity Knocks. The final four series made by Morecambe and Wise were also produced at Teddington's Studio 1 by Thames Television. Studio 2 [ edit] Studio 2 measured nearly 5, 700 square feet (530 m 2) and has been the home to shows such as the early series of The Sooty Show, Today with Des and Mel for ITV, Kilroy for the BBC and the first series of Trisha after moving to Channel 5. This studio was popular for programmes which required intimate medium-sized space, like Bremner, Bird and Fortune for Channel 4. [5] Studio 3 [ edit] Studio 3 was a much smaller studio at 2, 098 square feet (195 m 2) and was home to many music shows productions and television commercials. Studio 4 [ edit] Studio 4 was a small studio at 1, 475 square feet (137 m 2). CBeebies used the studio before moving back to BBC Television Centre in 2010 and then moving to MediaCityUK in 2011. Studio 5 [ edit] Another small studio, Studio 5 was home to The Chinese Channel. [6] Studio 6 [ edit] Until early 2008, this was a small studio at 594 square feet (55 m 2). Studio 7 [ edit] Built on the site of the prop store for Studio 2, this small studio was built within weeks for participation TV channel QuizCall, whose content is produced using widescreen cameras. [7] The studio has been used for Dick and Dom's Funny Business [5] and sitcom Starlings for Sky1. Studio 8 [ edit] This studio, also small, was the home of HIgh Flyer which produced Racing UK. [8] Other facilities [ edit] Like many studios, Teddington also included set and prop storage, green rooms, wardrobe and makeup and provided car parking. However, many businesses were based at Teddington, providing products/services that catered for all production needs. An office within the facilities was used to film The Office [9] References [ edit] External links [ edit] The Pinewood Studios Group The Twickenham Museum: history of Teddington Studios Unofficial history of Teddington Studios v t e London Borough of Richmond upon Thames Districts Barnes East Sheen Fulwell Ham Hampton Hampton Hill Hampton Wick Kew Mortlake Petersham Richmond St Margarets Strawberry Hill Teddington Twickenham Whitton Railway stations Barnes Bridge Kew Gardens North Sheen Streets and roads A307 road A308 road A316 road Castelnau, Barnes George Street, Richmond The Green, Richmond Kew Green Ringway 2 South Circular Road The Terrace, Barnes The Vineyard, Richmond River Thames bridges, islands and river services Bridges Benn's Island Corporation Island Eel Pie Island Glover's Island Platts Eyot Swan Island Tagg's Island Trowlock Island Hammerton's Ferry Hampton Ferry Kew Pier Richmond Lock Teddington Lifeboat Station Teddington Lock former Twickenham Ferry Other rivers and 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