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Yun na hamse nazarein phira. Rang-e Khoda Watch Online.

What an acting his acting brought tears to my eyes

Noor-e-khuda, Noor-e-khuda.


Filmfare is not sufficient for this performance. this man 👨deserve oscar. anyone agree 👍 here. Range khoda (1999. Internet Archive. Ga Ma Pa Ni Sa Dha. Rang E Khoda (1999) Movie Review - MRQE. Spoilers.
A charming film about a feisty blind kid who tries hard to do whatever sighted kids do, filmed in a very pretty part of Iran. And also a dark drama about a father who is sorry for himself that he is a widower left with the burden of a blind child, who tries to get rid of the burden by apprenticing the boy to a blind carpenter, so that he can take a new wife. To us in the west it is very odd that the father never speaks to his intended wife, but only visits with her family. He lives in a small village. Surely they know that he has a blind son. Why does he not discuss the boy - we see him discussing his daughters on one of the visits. Also his intention to apprentice his son to the carpenter would surely have gone better if he had prepared the boy for it by talking to him. However this is part of the portrait of the father's character.
A good editing decision is that all through the film, sounds of nature, animals, plants, water etc, are louder than usual, as is appropriate in a film about a blind person.
The climax in the storm, develops this further, and I was thinking that the boy on the horse led by his father must be quite frightened by the noises that he cannot see. As they started over the footbridge, I knew from the sound edit that the bridge was going to collapse. The edit of the next few minutes, the frightened horse, the boy in the water, the horse in the water, and the slow motion sequence as the trauma hits the father, before the father starts to run down the river bank. The slow motion captures the trauma, but it also dramatizes the father's ambivalence about his burden-son. Of course he does the proper thing and runs, then swims after his son. But the moment of hesitancy intensifies the emotion of the ending. This is an excellent edit suitable for analysis in a film-techniques course.

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The Color Of Paradise - Range Khoda - رنگ خدا, IMVBox, Watch Full. Watch Free Rang-e koda. Watch Free Rang-e khoa. THE COLOR OF PARADISE (Rang-e khoda. Utah Film Center. The Color of Paradise is a 1999 Iranian film directed by Majid Majidi. Plot[edit. The story. The Color of Paradise (Rang-e Khoda. The blind carpenter mentors the boy, who wants to see God. son being dragged away; he appears to be mentally torn between rescuing him and finally becoming free of this lifelong burden. Language: Persian Directed by: Majid Majidi Music by: Alireza Kohandairy Country: Iran.

The Color of Paradise (Rang-e khoda) 1999) Alireza Kohandeyri. Best movies online free Rang-e khoda 2000, Drama - SlideShare. (Voodlocker) Watch Rang-e khoda (1999) Free Movie. Overblog. Watch Free Rang-e koda kumi. May 22, 2011 Source: The Color of Paradise (Oiginal Title: Rang-e.Duration: 2:24 Posted: May 22, 2011. Event: THE COLOR OF PARADISE (Rang-e khoda) Date: Monday, September 11, 2017; Time: 4:00 PM; Cost: Free. Venue: County Library's Viridian Event. Mar 18, 2011 Synopsis Mohammad, a boy at Tehran's institute for the blind, waits for his dad to pick him up for summer vacation. While waiting, he realizes a.

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